In the context of land scarce Singapore, owning the right properties is of paramount importance, to growing in both intrinsic and/or extrinsic value. ​ Jereme ensures that he is in-sync with your end goals and purposes- providing reliable, qualified and competent advices. He is most up-to-date in current affairs and market trends, leveraging on his deep-seeded industry knowledge paired with analytical tools, to ensure that every calculated step will propel you towards your properties purposes and goals. ​ Well-equipped with psychological knowledge that Jereme applies towards your best interest, Jereme provides an exploited unfair amount of advantages in the art of closing & negotiation, when negotiating on your behalf. Guided by his strong ethical values and moral, Jereme seeks to build a trusting long-term professional relations with his clients. His philosophy of being in-sync with his clients purpose, to understanding them from their perspective, is what truly differentiate him from others in the industry.

Jereme Pung (方威捷)

(BA) Psychology 

(Dip) Counselling

Associate Director